Our tried-and-true partners.

Here are some resources to help you when we can’t.

Here at LaCroix Creative, we love thinking that we can help you out with just about anything. But the truth is, we can’t.
For that reason, LaCroix Creative has formed affiliations with other companies to provide you
with even more resources to enhance the services we already offer.

We trust these affiliates, because we’ve tried and tested them first before recommending them to you.
We’ve found them to be top-notch companies with equally high-quality products and/or services.
We love them, and we think you will, too.

Of course, as these partners are affiliates, we receive compensation if you purchase their products and services.
However, their prices are never marked up to provide that compensation,
and many of our partners have provided special discounts that they allow us to pass on to you.

While we cannot guarantee your happiness with any of our affiliates, we do ask that you let us know if you do have any difficulties with an affiliate, as we will take that into consideration when deciding which affiliates to retain or release.

Thanks for exploring our resources! We’ll be adding more frequently, so come back often to check for new resources!

FreshBooks — Accounting system

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting system that we use here at LaCroix Creative. We love it! It’s simple to use — very intuitive — and makes accounting, invoicing, and time tracking quick and easy. Plus, because it’s cloud-based, you can log in and and invoice your clients from anywhere. Never miss a beat with your billing with FreshBooks.


VirtualPBX — Communication (VoIP) systems

VirtualPBX makes every small business look and feel BIG!  Their communication solutions include vanity and toll-free numbers, call center capabilities, virtual receptionist services, and much more . We love the quality and consistency of VirtualPBX’s system, along with the vast amount of features available, all for a great price. We think you will as well. 


Stencil — Image creation

Not all of us are blessed to be able to use software like Illustrator and Photoshop to create images for the web. Here at LaCroix Creative, we are sensitive to the fact that some entrepreneurs — especially when they are first starting out — need to create their own images for their websites and social media platforms. If that’s your situation, we invite you to check out Stencil. Stencil is a free, online program that allows you to make your own images quickly and easily, without having to own — nor have a background in— graphic arts software. We use it here to create quick social media memes for our own clients! If you like it, you can “graduate” to its low-cost “Pro” offering or an “Unlimited” account. Create quality images for your online accounts today with Stencil!


Elegant Themes — WordPress website themes

If you are designing your own website, you’ll want to browse the beautiful and versitile designs from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is the creator of Divi — a drag-and-drop system for designing websites that we use extensively here at LaCroix Creative. In fact, our business website was completely created by using the Divi theme!  We’ve become a life-long member to take advantage of any updates to the themes and any additions to their selections as the years go by. We figure that 437,800-plus customers can’t be wrong! If you are building your own website from scratch, Elegant Themes is a great place to start.


WooCommerce — eCommerce platform

When we create online stores here at LaCroix Creative, WooCommerce is our go-to eCommerce platform. In fact, it’s the platform we use right here on our own LaCroix Creative website! An extremely user-friendly plug-in for WordPress websites, WooCommerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. If you are building your own websites, we highly recommend it.  Best of all — you can get started with WooCommerce for free. Check out just how easy having your own online store can be with WooCommerce!


Backblaze — Computer file backup

You know how critical it is to ensure that all your computer files are backed up. Of course, the day your don’t do it is the day you’ll wish you did. Don’t let that day ever happen — back up your files today with Backblaze. It’s the easiest, most-intuitive backup system we at LaCroix Creative have ever used. You just install it, start it, and let Backblaze do the rest. It recognizes your files and backs them up. Boom! Done. And restoring files couldn’t be easier either. It’s available for both PC and Mac platforms, and plans start at the unbelievable price of just $5 a month. Purchase a year or two years at a time, and pay even less! This one is a no-brainer, all the way around. Don’t risk losing your important files! Click the link below to try Backblaze today for FREE! No credit card required!