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Patricia LaCroix
Creative Specialist
Owner of LaCroix Creative

Ever hear about those kids who just seemed to know, instinctively, what they were going to be when they grew up? Or, at the very least, got a glimpse of what that might look like? Well, one of those kids grew up to be the owner of LaCroix Creative — Patricia LaCroix.

Even as a little girl, Patricia loved books. In fact, she practically devoured them. During her pre-school years, her father noticed that she enjoyed children’s books that came along with phonographic records. As she would finish reading a set, he simply bought her more. As a result, she was reading before entering Kindergarten.

At a certain point, her poor father couldn’t buy her books — especially comic books — fast enough. On one trip home from making a purchase, Patricia read, in the car, all three comic books her father had just bought for her. They hadn’t even made it to the front door of the house. The store was less than 15 minutes away. Frustrated, her father told her she was no longer allowed to read the comic books he purchased for her until after they got home.

She loved creating her own books even more than she loved reading them. A school project to create a book when she was only 8 years old helped her see that. She wrote the book. She illustrated it. She did it all — and she loved it.


When she grew up, she came to realize she still wanted to do it all — and give her all— for her clients.

Her entrepreneurial spirit had manifested itself in typical childhood ways — lemonade stands and backyard carnivals. So it wasn’t until she was an adult that she fully recognized that entrepreneurialism defines her just as much as does her creativity.

The fulfillment of a dream

Early in her career, Patricia worked as an editor at a consumer publishing company. As fate would have it, she was assigned to manage a freelancer who was hired to help her with a large project. Patricia peppered the freelancer with tons of questions. “Is this all you do? How do you like it? Can you make enough to support yourself?” Patricia was fascinated by the notion of making all of one’s living by freelancing. She was already freelancing as a moonlighting editor and as a stringer for local newspapers. But the idea of walking away from being an employee to instead be her own boss as the owner of her own business was extremely attractive and ultimately enticing.

From there, she developed a dream. She wanted to run a creative company that would provide to its clients everything she loved to do and did well: writing, editing, designing. She wanted to provide creative services from a project’s conception to its completion, and everything in between.

Only a matter of months later, Patricia made the decision to leave that publishing company and take the path that would eventually lead her to where she is now and how she can help you: LaCroix Creative.

The content you need, the way you need it, from just one source

LaCroix Creative has been designed to handle all of your content needs and do it cohesively and comprehensively, all under one roof. With more than 30 years of experience in publishing and marketing, Patricia oversees every project and ensures that her clients feel listened to and nurtured along the way. Our talented, caring associates step up to the plate as needed to provide the quality work our clients have come to expect.

Patricia LaCroix, the little freelancer who could, went ahead and created the little agency that can — and does. Content is what we do. Content is all we do. We love what we do, and we do it well. Trust us to do it right for you.