In late 2019, one of our clients came to us, desperate for help. A new location of his business had gotten a bad review online — and it was the only review that location had.

We here at LaCroix Creative knew the true worth, value, and quality of our client’s business. As such, we also knew that the one-star review his company had received was not an accurate portrayal of his business.

But our client had another problem. No one at his company had the time or even the knowledge to handle managing online reviews. So for months, that one online review with just one star sat there… and sat there… and sat there… and it was damaging his ability to get new clients.

He needed help, and even though, at that time, we didn’t advertise that we did review management, he turned to us. He knew from experience that we help businesses with their online presence — and he also knew that, if we could help, we would.

And help we did! We brought that location’s online review status from one star to FOUR STARS in just ONE MONTH. The online reputation of our client’s business was saved, and we were happy to be able to make that happen for him. He’s an awesome client with a business that offers important, essential services — and his company DESERVES a high rating.

This experience made us realize just how important online reviews really are to businesses. But that should have been apparent, because as consumers, we all know just how important reviews are to us, when we are trying to make a sound purchasing decision.

In fact, back in 2013, Dimensional Research found that 90 percent of those they surveyed who could remember checking out online reviews when shopping reported that positive reviews influenced their purchasing decisions. Another 86 percent said negative reviews online also influenced their decisions.

That’s huge. And that was in 2013. Can you even imagine what online reviews are like today, in 2020, during a pandemic that has forced us all to stay at home and buy online?

People are looking at reviews. People are looking at YOUR REVIEWS.

That’s why we’ve decided that online review management is a service that we MUST continue to provide. It’s an integral part of any business’ online presence.

And we’ve also decided to go “against the grain” in providing that service. Rather than provide it as the now oh-so-common SaaS (that is, Software as a Service), we instead provide online review management a TRUE, REAL, “DONE-FOR-YOU” SERVICE.

There are a lot of companies that provide reputation management tools. That’s all fine and dandy — if you have someone on staff who has the time and the skills to manage the tools they provide — or you are willing to hire that person.

But if you are anything like my client I mentioned above, that’s NOT your situation.

Sadly, and all too often, these software companies and their sale reps make it sound like their tool is doing all the work for you. But the truth is, a tool is just that — A TOOL. It needs to be MANAGED. If you don’t have the time, money, or resources to manage that tool, then you are in no better shape with that tool than before you bought it. In fact, you are now in worse shape, having spent the cash for something you can’t actually use.

Frankly, we find that to be A DIRTY SHAME.

Instead, we use unique, proprietary software called “ReviewLead” to deliver true review management service to you and your business. You don’t have to figure out how to use any new tools or software. You don’t have to hire a soul. And you don’t have to pull people away from their current job duties to take on new responsibilities. Unlike much of our competition, WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

Now, most people would think, “The software AND the service? That’s gotta be expensive!” But we’re happy to report, it’s not. That’s because you get our management service, powered by our ReviewLead system, for LESS than most of these companies charge you monthly just for their software.

That alone would be a big deal for a lot of businesses. But the benefits don’t stop there. Our special ReviewLead software actually helps your business become BETTER. Unique feedback avenues give consumers the confidence to let you personally know how your business could be improved, WITHOUT hurting your online score. Good business owners want to know how they can do better. We help you do that like no other reputation management tool can.

Granted, we don’t give you a ton of extra bells and whistles — that you most likely don’t need anyway. If you do need a texting service or a customer service bot on your website, feel free to go and get it. Unlike some companies and their review tools, we don’t provide that.

Our sole focus is REVIEWS. That’s all this service does, and that “hyperfocus” allows us to provide amazingly effective review management.

Your business can’t afford to be without positive online reviews and a robust online presence — and now, you truly CAN afford to have it! Imagine how having such a service could better your business, by bringing in more customers and increasing your bottom line.

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