You want to know the price.
We get that.

Our pricing guide can help.

We understand that your time is valuable and that knowing — at least roughly — how much your creative project might cost saves you both time and frustration. At LaCroix Creative, we aren’t into hiding our fees. We’d rather have open communication and transparency. With that said, here are our general prices for the various creative services that we offer.

Our hourly rate: $80

While many of our assignments are quoted either as flat fees or accepted in the form of montly retainters, our general “ala carte” fee is

$80 an hour, billed by the quarter hour, with a minimum charge of a quarter hour ($20).

Our discounted monthly retainers

If you use our creative services regularly and often, you can receive a considerable discount by putting LaCroix Creative on retainer. Retainers are highly recommended for businesses that use us for creative services on a monthly basis.

Bronze Package: $750 for 10 hours per month ($75 an hour)

Silver Package: $1,400 for 20 hours per month ($70 an hour)

Gold Package: $1,950 for 30 hours per month ($65 an hour)

Platinum Package: $2,400 for 40 hours per month ($60 an hour)

All retainer packages are paid up front via autopayment. Additional monthly hours are billed at the rate of $80 an hour. There is no reimbursement for unused hours, and retainer fees are not refundable for any reason. Customized retainers can be created. Please contact us for more information.

Our flat fees for creative services

At LaCroix Creative, we’ve found that flat fees work out better overall than hourly fees, particularly when projects are “finite” — that is, they have clear start and end dates and well-defined parameters. With a hard-quoted, flat fee, there’s never a question about how much a project — within its well-defined parameters — will cost. It makes budgeting much easier for you and helps us better fulfill your expectations.

Every project is considered and quoted individually. However, while your final quoted price might differ from the fees listed on this page, you can still use this guide to get an idea regarding how much your project might cost. All of our flat fees represent a discounted rate off our regular $80 hourly fee — so you actually get more for less with our flat-fee prices.


Branding Package: $600
Provides identity creation, audience definition, logo (in various color and grayscale combinations, as well as various formats), and branding style manual. Includes all consultations and meetings on the subject.

Logo alone: $450


Social Media Marketing — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

             Profile and cover creation and setup, per social media account: $225 (logo not included — see logo price above.)

             Daily content per social media account, per month — a mixture of original and unoriginal written content: $420
             Includes one daily post for Facebook (including four posts a week of purely original content),
             or three daily posts (two retweets and one original content post) for Twitter.
            Monthly analytic report per account: $60
            Please note that LinkedIn article content is billed according to our writing rate listed below under “Editorial and Writing Services,”
            plus $14 to post.


             Design and setup (written content and images supplied by client): $1,120 per web page, with a three-page minimum

             Landing Page only (written content and images supplied by client): $1,400

            Landing Page only (including written content): $1,625

             Keyword-rich, written content: $0.20 per word, $200 minimum per page

             The “Full Monty” Website Package: $4,000
             Includes Landing (Home) Page, plus three additional pages, all design and setup. Images and written content to be supplied by client.                     Revisions to website billed at our full hourly rate.
             Additional pages: $1,120 per web page

             The “Full Monty” Website Package (including written content): $5,200
             Includes the same as above package, but also includes written content. Revisions to website billed at our full hourly rate.
             Additional pages (including written content): $1,445 per web page

            Sales funnel integration: Additional $1,400

            The “Full Monty” Monthly website content management: $1,060
            Includes a monthly software update, a monthly backup of files, UNLIMITED editorial and image content revisions (layout and design
            revisions are billed extra at our regular hourly rate), blog writing and uploading (limited to four 500-word blogs a month — additional
            blogs written and billed at our per-word writing rate), and contact-form lead monitoring.

            Minimum monthly website management: $60
            Includes a monthly software update and a monthly backup of files. Contact us for price on additional services.

Online Advertising

We provide setup and management for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

             Monthly Ad Budget (paid directly to provider by client)                   Fee paid to LaCroix Creative (per ad)
            Up to $999                                                                                                    $350
            $1,000 to $4,999                                                                                          $400
            $5,000 and Up                                                                                              10% of Monthly Ad Budget

Search Engine Optimization

We work hard to get your site the best organic, white-hat optimization possible.
Includes a monthly SEO performance report. Please contact us for rates.


Editorial and Writing Services

             Proofreading: $0.06 per word

             Editing: $0.12 per word

             Writing: $0.20 per word, with a 300-word minimum

Book Graphic Arts Services

             Cover design and layout (softcover): $2,300

             Cover design and layout (dust jacket): $2,700

             Book page design: $540

             BOOK PAGE LAYOUT
             Text only throughout the entire book: $12.00 a page
             Book includes items such as callouts and boxed inserts: $15.00 a page
            Book includes images such as charts, tables, and/or photographs: $30.00 a page
            Individually designed, complex spreads that include elements such as charts, tables,
             illustrations, infographics, and/or photographs
: $75.00 a spread

            All client revisions are billed at $80 an hour.

Other Graphic Arts Services

Graphic design, illustration, and production art/management for opt-in offers, flyers, order forms, brochures, and other
marketing materials, both digital and printed
: These services and projects are quoted per project. Please contact us for a quote or
consider one of our retainer packages listed above.

CONSULTATION and COACHING services are also available! Please contact us for a package quote.

Every project is unique. And so are its costs.

With that in mind, the above listed prices might or might not reflect the final fee that we actually quote for your project. Of course, we reserve the right to change our prices at any time. We offer this price guide as a way for you — our potential customer — to get an idea about project costs. However, the best way to find out what your project will actually cost is to request a free initial consultation. We’ll discuss all the ins and outs of your project and present you with a contract that fully outlines our services, your fees, and how you will be billed.